10 Entrepreneurial Mindsets That Will Make You Successful in Any Field

By Amanda Ronan

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Entrepreneurs think big and innovate. They take seedling ideas and grow them into successful businesses. Entrepreneurs are forward-thinkers. They can imagine a world where their product or service is widely-used. Entrepreneurs have vision.

But the life of an entrepreneur is not always mad science and millions of dollars. Entrepreneurs face a lot of rejection and a lot failure. They have to put themselves in uncomfortable situations where they are the only person in the room who believed in the validity of their ideas. It takes a lot of guts to be an entrepreneur. But when you cultivate the mindset of one, you will be able to find success in any field, whether you are working for yourself or someone else.

What Sets Entrepreneurs Apart

1. They are action-oriented.

Entrepreneurs are smart people. They know how to write a business plan, but they are usually more interested in going after their ideas, building, testing and inventing. They will get to the paperwork later.

2. They rise above doubt.

Entrepreneurs know their ideas might fail, but they press forward anyway. They would rather try and fail than not attempt tasks that seem impossible to others. They also know that failure is really just learning in disguise.

3. They network.

Entrepreneurs know they cannot do it alone. So they meet everyone they can. They seek mentors and offer to mentor others. They join workgroups and idea generators. They want to hear what you think about their ideas. And they will pitch to anyone who will listen.

4. They know where the money goes.

Entrepreneurs know that cash is king when it comes to startups, so they manage their money carefully. It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to have to pay out of pocket in the early days, so they track that spending carefully, too. When the company is making money, entrepreneurs are sure to pay themselves back.

5. They are never satisfied.

In order to constantly be innovative, entrepreneurs look for problems to solve. They are not okay with the status quo. It is their job to shake things up.

6. They do not run from risk.

It seems like most businesses are looking for the least risky solutions. Not entrepreneurs. They are will to risk big to win big. They leverage their houses, borrow from friends and drain their 401ks all in the name of a new adventure.

7. They are empathetic.

Entrepreneurs listen to people. They do market research. They know what pain points people have and they find solutions. Entrepreneurs put themselves in customers’ shoes in order to solve-problems.

8. They have figured out growth mindset.

Entrepreneurs understand the brain research behind growth mindset. They know that failure does not mean they are incapable. Instead, they look on every opportunity to try something new or solve a problem as a learning experience.

9. They are always seeking new opportunities.

Entrepreneurs see opportunity everywhere. They are the people in restaurants who are considering how changing up the menu items could increase revenue. And the people at the movie theater who are figuring out how to leverage millions of people staring at a screen before the film begins. Entrepreneurs find opportunities in everyday life to solve problems.

10. They are optimistic.

Entrepreneurs can envision themselves at the end of the project, holding their product, selling it to others and becoming wildly successful because of their work. Optimism keeps the wheels of innovation churning for the possibility to make a huge impact in the world.

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More About Amanda:

Amanda Ronan is a writer and editor focused on education. She was a classroom teacher for nearly a decade. Now she spends her time writing for students, teachers and parents. Amanda also writes curriculum for entrepreneurial learning and financial literacy programs. Amanda lives in Austin where she enjoys splashing in creeks with her husband and two dogs, swaying in a hammock on the porch and sampling all the breakfast tacos the city has to offer.

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