The Colangelo College of Business Pillars: How They Shape Our College

Picture of GCU's Business School

The search for business colleges can be overwhelming! One important element to consider when making this selection is the values that the college is founded upon. These principles permeate through all departments and degrees. Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business’ foundation is the business pillars of servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism. The college’s design and the faculty and staff’s commitment to these pillars is what makes the Colangelo College of Business stand out!

As a third-year business administration student, these foundational business pillars have definitely shaped and challenged my own personal views and learning throughout the program.

Servant Leadership

GCU is committed to teaching and implementing servant leadership by offering several topic- related classes as well as leadership degrees such as the Master of Science in Leadership. The goal of servant leadership is that through focusing on the needs of others, a leader can cultivate an interdependent, optimized organizational culture.

I was first introduced to this concept in my first business class as a freshman at GCU. It was a large marketing class, and within the first week, we had all been divided into groups based on results from a simple personality quiz. These were the groups that we worked with all semester for our Collaborative Learning Community assignment. I had a group of five people and soon learned the necessity of clear communication, encouragement, teamwork and deadlines.

However, beyond just learning how to participate and administrate in a group setting, I learned what it looked like to put others first. This type of leadership has served me since in all of the group projects I have been a part of at GCU, as well as group settings in general! I have found that putting people first, caring about their lives and talents, not only fosters a positive environment but also results in higher caliber work.


GCU’s ethical position is derived both directly and indirectly from its Doctrinal Statement, which clearly states that the Bible, and its history and moral code, is true. In this way, GCU’s ethical standard is related to its Christian identity and heritage. The Colangelo College of Business offers several classes specifically concerned with ethics and law, while also prompting discussions about ethical practices in its courses.

Throughout my undergraduate courses, from management to marketing, I learned one common message, “It depends.” When examining the complexities of organizational structure, outsourcing, hiring practices, etc., there was almost never a simple yes or no answer.

While my classes have laughed at this frequently used answer, my professors have consistently challenged us to consider the parties involved in any business decision and determine how they would be affected. Collectively, we are encouraged to make responsible decisions without being handed a step-by-step guide on how to behave ethically within business. Rather, we are inspired by learning that the most successful companies today generally have high ethical standards and practices!


At GCU, entrepreneurship is highly prized and fostered. The college offers undergraduate programs in entrepreneurial studies and hosts numerous clubs and events for aspiring business men and women. Students have been able to participate in stock market challenges, Shark Tank presentations, Canyon Angel investor meetings and more through the Colangelo College of Business.

Personally, one of the most impactful learning experiences was when a team from my marketing class and I were assigned to create, run and manage a simulated bike company. We were given fake investments and put in charge of designing, marketing and selling our own product line in a simulated global market with other teams in the class. We competed for market share and profits throughout the whole semester and learned a great deal about the operations of an actual business! The experience as a whole was fun and informative.

Students in the college are continually encouraged and challenged to become ethically sound and entrepreneurial minded professionals. Throughout my three years as a business administration student, I have witnessed the integration of these principles in a visible and practical way, and I could not be happier with my experience in GCU’s Colangelo College of Business!

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