4 Important Upgrades For Your Small Business Website

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Small business owners are busy people. They are entrepreneurs who are working hard to fulfill their dreams and support their families. They know a lot about the work they do and usually make sure to employ a great team of people to help them accomplish their goals. But one thing small business owners often overlook is the importance of an updated website.

The process and expense of hiring a web developer, copywriter and graphic designer can be overwhelming. Instead, small business owners often choose to create their own websites or skip them altogether. Sometimes they use social media exclusively to advertise their business. Unfortunately, these site come across as unprofessional and can turn potential clients away.

How to Update Your Small Business Website

The best thing you can do as a small business owner is to invest in a professional website. You can work with developers who will create simple, yet professional templates and then teach you how to make updates as needed. Here are some things you should consider updating on your website on a regular basis:

1. Images

The images on your website should be high-resolution. Modern smartphones make this step really simple. If you are worried that you are not a good photographer or do not know how to set up the right lighting, hire a photographer. If you want to skip the expense of a professional photographer, ask around. It is very likely that someone you know is an amateur photographer, or knows one. And while you are at it, replace the stock photos with actual photos of your employees and your workspace. Too many stock photos makes your site look impersonal.

2. Contact Information

Your website is often the first way people find you. They are looking for your service in their area. They will want to know when you are open, where you are located and how to contact you. Make sure you include a link to a map with address. If you are closed for certain holidays, mention that, too. If you are closing early for some reason, add that information as needed.

3. Accurate Service Listing

Potential customers want to know what you offer. They will look for your menu of services and pricing. Even if you do not want to list specific prices on your site, it is a good idea to create some pre-priced packages so website viewers feel like they can compare you to other vendors. Be as specific as possible about what you offer without writing too much. You do not want your website to be too text heavy.

4. Links to Social Media

All businesses are expected to have social media accounts now. You should have accounts on the basics: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your social media consultant (or your thirteen-year-old cousin) can help you figure out how to link each account so when you post to one, it populates them all. Social media is how you reach customers using your brand and personality. The website gives them an idea of what you offer, but social media lets them know who you are. So make sure the website has links and pulls in media posts to display, as well.

If you are a small business owner hoping to learn more about how modern technology can improve your business acumen, consider enrolling in classes toward the Bachelor of Science in Business Management and the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies degrees from Grand Canyon University. And while you are here taking classes, you can network with people who have the skills to help you upgrade that website.

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