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How to Lead in Business So Others Will Follow

Business leaders have a lot on their plates. They are constantly involved in organizational politics, succession planning and in-depth analyses of their business. They must be able to work with...

Does a Business Management Degree Prepare Me for Human Resources?

Business management is an exciting career path that requires both strategic thinking and interpersonal skills. Read more here:

How Business Grads Prep for Job Interviews

After earning your business degree, you probably feel like you also have a major in networking. Being a business major means that you know how to work with people and you know how to present your best...

3 Ways Native Advertising is Changing the Online Landscape

Everyone in marketing knows that search engines are programmed to treat content as king. This trend has been going on for quite a few years now. Eventually it led to what is known as content marketing...

Business Degree Types & Potential Career Paths

Business degrees teach students skills such as servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism. When exploring options for business degrees, you can find a degree as broad or as specialized as your...

What You Need to Know About Managing Remote Teams

Working remotely is a constantly increasing option for many organizations. Learn about the new challenges this may bring for efficiently managing teams.

How a Good Leader Prepares to Have a Difficult Conversation

There are a lot of positive aspects to being a business leader. That is why many people choose to earn their Master of Science in Leadership degree at Grand Canyon University. Leading a team of people...

Are You Ready to Pursue an MBA in Marketing?

Although you can certainly establish a rewarding career in marketing with just an undergraduate degree, you might want to consider pursuing a graduate degree in order to take your career to new...

How Health Care Administrators Protect Workplace Safety

Every work environment has potential hazards and every employer is responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect worker health and safety. In medical centers, this responsibility belongs to...

You Are Never Too Old to be an Entrepreneur

When you think about entrepreneurs, you might think about plucky young kids who forgo the college experience to chase their dreams. However, the idea that all successful entrepreneurs are vivacious,...

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Business Buzz is a blog that features content written by faculty, staff and students from Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business. In addition to profiles about events, students and faculty on campus, you’ll also find insight and perspective on the ever-changing business discipline and current global business topics. Learn about the modern business landscape, and how business today continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of organizations and consumers in the 21st century. Check in every week for the latest news from the business community and around GCU.

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