What a Money Week!

stack of money on a table

We’ve recently seen the end of a successful Money Week here at GCU! The goal of Money Week is to share information with our students on financial literacy. This was a collaborative effort between the Colangelo College of Business (CCOB), Student Life, The Finance/Economics Club and Career Services' Lopes Launch Professional Development.

The week-long event started with a financial services and insurance hiring event. Nearly forty companies set-up on campus in our CCOB courtyard on a beautiful afternoon. Close to three hundred students attended to learn about available career opportunities. Other Money Week events included financial experts visiting seventeen classrooms to share quick-hitting twenty-minute presentations on topics such as how best to save money, how to stay out of debt, getting out of debt, fundraising, how credit works and the power of compound interest. Over one-hundred students packed a lecture hall to hear from a panel of experts on financial careers via Charles Schwab, Vanguard and Merrill Lynch. Another full lecture hall learned about the home buying process. One last classroom of students on Thursday heard from Northwestern Mutual and Razor Wealth Management on aspects of investing, insurance and life-long financial planning.

Todd Romer with Young Money University shared insight with students via his five points for smart planning: 1) identify your goal, 2) save for specific purposes, 3) be disciplined and say no most of the time on spending, 4) invest automatically and 5) pay yourself second, invest in others first.

Deacon Hayes with Well Kept Wallet also shared similar insights on financial freedom and emphasized setting obtainable goals to incrementally pay off debt and build confidence for future financial success one bill at a time.

To cap off Money Week, our Finance/Economics club team won the collegiate competition of the Stock Market Challenge, defending their title in bringing home the traveling trophy — keeping it in CCOB for another year!

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