3 Reasons to Earn a Degree in Government from GCU

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Do you want to incorporate your passion for the political system into your career? If so, an undergraduate degree in government from Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences may be the right degree for you. Continue reading to learn about three reasons to earn this degree:

Gain Legal and Political Knowledge

In this degree program, you will grow in your understanding of legal and government studies. By integrating public service and policy from historical and contemporary perspectives, you will establish knowledge that can be drawn upon to help you succeed in the legal arena.

In addition, your government degree can serve as a stepping stone if you want to apply for law school in the future. As you explore the scope of governance and democracy, you can prepare to make a positive change in today’s legal system. Overall, the knowledge you gain in this program will be very valuable as you pursue your career.

Choose an Emphasis That Interests You

At Grand Canyon University, you have the option to choose between two different emphases when earning your government degree. By specializing in legal studies, you will focus on law school concepts and learn research and writing skills in order to negotiate and resolve legal concerns. In addition, you will analyze morality in relation to law and ethics so that you can prepare to uphold moral standards in today’s political system.

On the other hand, if you have an interest in laws and how they impact society, you may choose to specialize in state and local public policy. In this program, you will survey the development of the American Constitution from its colonial origins to present day. You will also analyze constitutional law and the impact Supreme Court decisions have had on society. By being introduced to American politics and government, you will gain a deeper understanding of constitutional foundations and governing institutions.

Make an Impact in Today’s Political System

Overall, your government degree can prepare you to make a lasting impact in today’s political system. For example, by focusing on legal studies, you will gain analytical tools needed in the fields of criminal and civil law. Therefore, you may be prepared for employment in a legal environment as a paralegal or in an administrative role. In addition, with the communication skills you gain, you may also qualify for sales and services positions.

Furthermore, by choosing to specialize in state and local public policy, you may qualify for public administrator roles where you will be responsible for creating policies and laws that impact society. You may work in a nonprofit, regulatory affairs in the private sector or the broader corporate space.

In the end, a degree in government can prepare you to succeed in a wide variety of careers as you pursue your passion!

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