What You Can Do With a Sociology Degree

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Sociology is the study of human life and the way that humans interact with one another. When you choose to study sociology, you have the opportunity to study a wide variety of topics such as crime, religion, social class structures and societal destabilization. By studying sociology, you will learn a variety of skills such as learning how to effectively communicate to multiple audiences, research skills, critical reasoning and servant leadership. These skills are helpful in any career path you choose, whether you choose to go into sociology or not after graduation. Here are some career paths that you can go into with having a sociology degree.

Social Worker

A social worker is someone who works with people who are in vulnerable situations, such as the elderly, the poor and the disabled. A sociology degree gives you the skills to work and communicate with all different types of people in different situations. As a social worker you can help the people who are in need find solutions to the problems that they are going through. This can be a variety of things, such as crime, physical abuse and drug addiction.

Social Media Strategist

A sociology degree can help you communicate and identify all different types of people. As a social media strategist you help the company you are working for identify their target audience and help them coordinate a social media platform that reaches their audience in the best way they possibly can.

Criminal Justice Advocate

A criminal justice advocate is someone who works directly with the victim of the crime. They are with them through all processes of investigation, arrest and trial. They explain their rights to the victim and help to make sure that their voice is heard. They are there to make sure that the victim is heard and understood.

Probation Officer

Probation officers help to investigate a convicted criminal’s background, to give the judge the appropriate information needed to help them choose the appropriate actions and sentence for the criminal. Probation officers also supervise individuals who have been put on parole as they work to integrate back into society after they have served their time for the crimes they have committed.

Community Development Manager

A community development manager works alongside other community professionals such as police officers, teachers and social workers to help find solutions to the complex problems that communities and neighborhoods face. These problems include things like crime, pollution, affordable housing and child care.

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