What is the Value of a Doctorate Degree?

Group of adult doctoral students sit in a row

Value is a highly subjective concept. While a single painting might be worth millions of dollars to one person, to another it might just be a picture on a wall. When considering pursuing your DBA, EdD or PhD through Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies, it is important to consider what its true value is to you. Begin by assessing the benefits, remembering that ultimately you are determining the value of a doctorate degree for you – your individual life, career, and family.

Financial Benefits

Higher education and higher wages have moved together in a consistent trend for years. Education holds value to employers who are looking for competent and capable workers with acquired knowledge and skills. But what is the actual dollar value of higher education? The U.S. Census Bureau published a study in 2011 comparing earnings to education levels and found that earnings did increase with each level of education.*

Personal Benefits

A doctorate through GCU can help you refine your critical thinking and analytical skills, equipping you to solve real-world problems. The programs offer specialized training in areas including business, leadership, and psychology that will enable you to become a better decision-maker and leader in your field.

Learners in the DBA program will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding to pursue executive-level positions in their companies. The EdD programs prepare learners to make a lasting difference in their organizations. Doctoral learners in the PhD program will develop critical understanding applicable to psychology that will allow them to better people in their fields.

Ultimately, the benefits of earning a doctoral degree will be determined by how you uniquely apply it. In this way, the value of a doctoral degree through GCU is limitless, because it is dependent on the distinct passions, drives, and dreams of those who have attained it and put it to use in their individual lives!

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*Julina, T., Kominski, R. (2011). Education and Synthetic Work-Life Earnings Estimates: American Community Survey Reports. United States Consensus Bureau: U.S. Department of Commerce. Retrieved from census.gov/prod/2011pubs/acs-14.pdf

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