What You Will Learn in GCU’s EdD in Special Education

Posted on October 26, 2017  in  [ Doctoral Journey ]

Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Special Education offers learners a comprehensive, research-based curriculum to prepare them with the skills they need to become effective leaders in special education. Some common career outcomes for individuals who complete advanced study in educational leadership include school administrator, curriculum developer, learning advocate and special education consultant. If you’re interested in becoming a leader and advocate in special education, then keep reading to discover some of what you will learn while completing GCU’s EdD in Special Education:

Global History and Politics of Education

Some of the coursework that you will complete while in this program includes the theories and history of special education. You will also be provided with a brief exploration of educational standards, human development and instructional tools.

Governance Structures in Special Education

In this program, you will study special education law and regulations. You will also explore how these laws and regulations can be used as a foundation of best practice and to provide a framework for ensuring that all students are offered appropriate educational opportunities.

Special Education Fiscal Management

To help you develop the skills that you need for fiscal management and integrity as a leader in special education, you will learn about fiscal planning, budgeting, management and grant writing in special education settings.

Leadership Practices for Educators

As you pursue this degree, you will explore seminal leadership theories and models, the evolution of leadership theories and the need for leadership research. Your coursework will also cover corporate social responsibility, student assessment, professional development and ethical theories, frameworks and principles as they relate to the study and practice of leadership.

Grand Canyon University’s EdD in Special Education provides learners with advanced study in educational leadership that can support their goals. For more information, visit the College of Doctoral Studies website or click on this page’s Request More Information button.

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