Biology Student Spotlight: Tristen Fergus

Posted on August 11, 2017  in  [ Engineering & Technology ]

Tristen Fergus is a sophomore studying biology for secondary education at Grand Canyon University. In this video, Tristen shares her experience as a student at GCU, including how she plans to make a difference in the Arizona education system after earning her degree.

To be a successful GCU Lope, a person should be passionate, determined and hardworking. Tristen explains that it’s not unusual to walk across campus and meet plenty of students who will say that they have a lot of pride about attending Grand Canyon University. Through all the experiences that she has had at GCU, Tristen finds that she is making lifelong friends every day.

So far, earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology for Secondary Education from the College of Science, Engineering and Technology has readied her to fill the role of a high school science teacher. In her classes, Tristen is introduced to diverse perspectives on controversial scientific topics. By learning about different viewpoints on significant scientific issues facing today’s society, Tristen feels that she will be better prepared to respond to her future students.

Tristen goes on to convey that in her time as a student at Grand Canyon University, she has transformed into a more confident person. Also, the university has given Tristen the opportunity to go out into local communities, and this has broadened the scope of what she sees as the typical classroom. Upon graduation, Tristen intends to make a positive impact on the Arizona school system.

You can watch the video below to see Tristen’s full interview:

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