Where Can a Computer Science with an Emphasis in Big Data Analytics Degree Take Your Career?

Posted on July 07, 2017  in  [ Engineering & Technology ]

Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Big Data Analytics program allows students to explore the foundations that promote innovators of technology and leaders in business. The competencies and skills that students develop in this program can ready them for data-based decision-making, data mining and interpretation, pattern analysis, large-scale data processing and the creative application of software development. Offered by the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, this computer science degree can prepare you to work as a professional in big data analysis and software development. The following are some of the career options that graduates the computer science with an emphasis in big data analytics degree program often consider:

Database Manager

A database manager fills an essential function in the management of large databases. These professionals commonly coordinate the development of new data to ensure consistency and proper integration with existing structures. Some other tasks that database managers might be responsible for include reviewing data and data usage requests, analyzing data flow and storage requirements, researching data sources and determining information demands.

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is responsible for automating functions and integrating them into areas such as sales, distributing and manufacturing. These analysts help businesses achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency in their goals using computer technology to automate and streamline processes. A computer systems analyst might also assist users with software issues, maintain authentication servers and oversee software and hardware use in an organization.

Software Engineer

Software engineers play a critical role in the field of software design and development. These professionals commonly develop systems for using and consolidating software functions created by software designers. Software engineers are commonly responsible for testing and documenting software, creating and debugging software, using source debuggers and writing code to create applications.

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