Where You Can Work as a Network Support Specialist

Network support specialist working at a computer

Careers in information technology require attention to detail, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. If you think this may be the right field for you, you might consider becoming a network support specialist. This job usually involves the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of hardware and software.

During a typical day, a network support specialist might monitor network performance, analyze data to fix operational problems, implement cyber security measures and troubleshoot network and connectivity problems. There is a virtually limitless array of industries and organizations that employ network support specialists. You might prefer to work in a customer-facing role or within the IT department of a company.

Medical Centers

You may already be familiar with EHRs—electronic health records. Hospitals and clinics are incentivized by the government to transition to EHRs to improve a patient’s ability to access his or her own medical records, reduce errors in health care coordination among providers and improve patient information security. As a result of the burgeoning digitization of the health care industry, related employers have a greater demand for IT professionals than ever. If you become a network support specialist, you can take your pick of IT jobs in the health care sector. You might work directly with hospital providers and staff, for a private health insurance company or for a government entity like Medicare or Medicaid.

Schools and Universities

Many larger school districts have a pressing need for IT support specialists. If you choose to work for an educational employer, you might spend your time monitoring network performance across multiple schools in a district. If you choose to work for a university or college, your responsibility may be to focus on one campus. Another educational option that is becoming increasingly popular these days is distance learning; many parents choose to send their kids to school online. You might find employment with an online elementary or high school, or an online tutoring service.

Infrastructure and Natural Resources

Network support specialists are needed in virtually every industry, including infrastructure and natural resource companies. If you are interested in being part of a major, dynamic company that works to connect families to the services they need, consider a career in these fields. Potential employers in infrastructure could include railway companies and city transportation offices; or, you could find employment working for a natural gas or electricity provider.

Charitable Organizations

It is indeed possible to grow a career in information technology while also doing God’s work. Consider joining a non-profit entity once you graduate. You will put your technical skills to good use by helping those who are less fortunate, perhaps by joining an emergency response charity like the Red Cross or providing network support services to charities that fight homelessness, hunger and poverty.

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