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4 Study Tips for Honors Students

If you’re an honors student, you’re probably busy. The two concepts seem to go hand and hand, especially for students in Grand Canyon University’s Honors College , who tend to go above and beyond....

Should I Get a Master's Degree?

Pursuing a master’s degree is an important landmark in fields that require a high level of expertise. But before deciding whether or not you should earn one, it is important to know what a master’s...

Study Areas to Consider for Master's Degrees

Deciding that you’d like a master’s degree is the first step in your continuing education journey. Whether you’d like to increase your earning potential, qualify for new opportunities or engage in an...

Should I Go Back to School?

Thinking about going back to school? Here are a few things you should keep in mind when making the decision about furthering your education. Check it out here!

Things to Consider About Interning Abroad

Do you want to intern abroad? Learn more about a few things honors students should keep in mind when embarking on this new and exciting adventure.

How Do I Go Back to School as an Adult?

Are you debating on whether or not you want to go back to school? If you do not know where to begin, what degree to get or how to go back, here are some tips to help you get started.

College Kitchen Essentials

Every college needs to eat, learn more about the real kitchen essentials a college student's kitchen needs to succeed.

Best Cities for Internships Across the United States

If you’re like many college students, searching for a summer 2020 internship might not be at the top of your to-do list just yet. Despite what you might think, however, now is the time to start...

How Honors College Students Can Travel the World This Summer

Students in Grand Canyon University’s Honors College are afforded some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities during their time at school, and some of these opportunities include multiple international...

Why Do We Multitask?

College students are virtually always doing two things at once – if the notes are out, the TV’s on, and practically every student is guilty of writing an essay while simultaneously listening to...

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