3 Tips on How to Make a Great “Elevator Speech”

Woman giving an elevator speech

College is all about further developing your knowledge and skillset for your desired career, so when graduation comes around you’ll be closer to achieving your goals sooner rather than later. However, finding and obtaining a job can be a daunting task while you are still in college trying to finish your degree.


Here at Grand Canyon University, we host many different job and career fairs and networking events throughout the school year for students looking for job openings while still in college or career opportunities available after graduation. At these events, various employers and recruiters attend in hopes of finding potential future employees.

Therefore, it’s important to make a lasting impression by effectively marketing yourself to these companies before you even apply. Doing so will give you the opportunity to get your foot in the door and increase the likelihood of getting an interview or even acquiring the job.

To be able to make a great impression on an employer in a short amount of time, it is handy to use an “Elevator Speech.” This speech is a very brief summary of who you are, what you do and your past accomplishments. The idea behind this speech is to successfully explain your qualifications and past experience in the length of time that it takes to ride in an elevator. While this can be difficult to accomplish, it is something that can truly benefit you in your search for a future job or career opportunities. Here are three great tips on how to make a compelling “Elevator Speech.”

Tip #1: Tell Them About Yourself

When making a speech like this, it is important to isolate the information about yourself that will be the most beneficial to mention. First, try listing ten important things about yourself that you want to convey to your audience. These can be factors like: who am I, what do I do, why am I interested in this position, what are some important accomplishments in my life, etc. When you are writing your speech make sure to focus on the most impressionable facts to make yourself stand out from the competition.

Tip #2: Organize the Speech

In order to tell a compelling story about yourself, it is important to organize your speech in an effective way. While you give your “Elevator Speech,” it is highly probable that you may get cut-off as the employer may ask you questions or want you to explain more about a certain topic you mentioned. Therefore, above all tell them the most notable information about you.

Tip #3: Practice, Practice, Practice

While it is crucial to write a great “Elevator Speech,” it will be much more compelling if you are able to give the speech successfully. Be sure to practice this speech on someone close to you, then ask them to give you constructive feedback on your speech. This will help you make your speech more clear, concise and captivating for your future audience.

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