5 Tips to Increase Your Marketability

By Cole Bucholc
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Strategic Educational Alliances

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In today’s competitive market, increasing your marketability and making yourself well-rounded are as important as ever. Whether you are a student or you are currently employed, adding these skills can help you to separate yourself from the competition and land you your dream job.

Here are five tips to increase your marketability:

Learn a New Language

There may not be a better way to broaden your skillset than to learn a new language. The United States lags behind most other developed countries in terms of bilingual population. When you speak more than one language, you naturally increase your audience and, coincidently, your worth. Rosetta Stone is a powerful tool for learning languages at your own pace and in the comforts of your own home.

Learn More than Just Microsoft Office

“Proficient in Microsoft Office” is probably the most used phrase found on resumes. Bring something new to the table such as knowledge of a project management software, experience in Photoshop or proficiency in Adobe InDesign. Anyone can type something up in Microsoft Word. Not everyone can make it look pretty!


Volunteer work shows your ability to think outside of yourself. It also shows your willingness to identify and work for a greater cause, which is a must in a world of specialized jobs. Team-driven industry requires that employees joining the workforce can collaborate and work well in teams. Also, giving back to the community just feels good!

Attend Conferences

Conferences are great for networking and learning new industry practices. Vendor tables introduce ideas and products that are pertinent to the industry hosting the conference. Use the like-minded individuals attending the conference to grow your database and use the breakout sessions to grow your industry knowledge.

Earn a Graduate Degree

Perhaps the most direct way to increase your marketability would be to earn a graduate degree. Working full-time and earning a master’s or doctorate degree is not easy, especially when you are trying to maintain a social life, support a family or keep up with a fast-paced life.

Grand Canyon University offers two modalities for earning your degree and increasing your marketability. For the more flexible learner, we offer online classes. For those who benefit from time spent in the classroom, cohorts meet once a week to encourage learning and collaboration. To learn more, visit our website or request more information using the button at the top of the page.

More about Cole Bucholc:

With a background in content marketing, Cole Bucholc joined Strategic Educational Alliances at Grand Canyon University in 2015 to serve as the marketing and communications coordinator. Cole is also a member of the Arizona Schools Public Relations Association, representing GCU. Cole earned his undergrad degree in linguistics from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing his MBA from GCU. He lives in Goodyear, Arizona and enjoys playing music, dining out and attending sporting events throughout the Valley.

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