AIM Talk Show: A Platform for Your Faith

By Gabriela Marrama

GCU students in a recording studio

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.” (Psalm 127:4)

Founded on Psalm 127:4, AIM Talk Show is a way for Grand Canyon University honors student Cathleen Daly to share her opinions on today’s controversial topics. GCU student Tyler Franks started the talk show this past summer in New Mexico with four of his friends, including Daly. AIM provided an outlet for the five college students to share their faith for the public to hear.

Psalm 127:4 talks about how children are like arrows in the hands of warriors. Daly explained, “As the young adult generation, we are now learning to be on our own and make our own decisions. Our parents have essentially released the bow and now we are those arrows, and it is our generation’s time to start aiming to stand for truth, know how to handle opposition and be changers for Christ.”

This is the platform on which AIM Talk Show was created.

In an effort to give the younger demographic a voice to look up to, AIM is a talk show that regularly discusses popular topics for an audience of young Christian adults. Topics on the show include church denominations, tattoos, gay rights, free education, prayer, worship and guest speakers for in-studio interviews.

With each segment being filmed on the spot, the five co-hosts do not have a chance to discuss their opinions prior to show time. Because of this, Daly shared that the most controversial topic that had the group divided was feminism. The group spent two episodes discussing roles in the church. They debated what roles men and women have in the church, specifically if women were allowed to be head pastors. Although the group might not always agree, AIM provides a place for young adults to hear different opinions from a fellow group of young adult Christians.

Daly shared that she is not one to share her opinion unless she is asked, so she knew being a part of this talk show would get her out of her comfort zone. After being intimidated at first by the platform she would be on, Daly spent time in prayer and soon realized that someone listening to their show might need to hear that particular message from that day.

Daly said that one of the best things about the show is that “the group as a whole doesn’t always agree on everything, so it is a good way for people to hear different opinions from Christians.” This demonstrates that there is diversity within the Christian community and people may have different views, but we are all united with the one goal of wanting to glorify God.

Working on AIM Talk Show this past summer provided Daly with the opportunity to put her faith and her beliefs on a platform for the public to hear. It is important for us as Christians to not be afraid to share what we believe with others. When you have such a large audience that will be listening to your every sentence, Daly advised that you spend a lot of time in prayer. It is critical that you are in constant prayer with God when you are speaking about Him and His Word for the public to hear. Daly said, “Ask God to work through you to speak truth and not just your personal opinion. Asking God to speak truth in your life is one of the most important things a Christian can do, because the Bible is true and it is man who misinterprets it.”

Throughout this summer, Daly learned to be more vocal about her faith and what it means to be a Christian. Daly shared, “The whole experience challenged my faith and made me more passionate and excited about sharing my faith with others.”

Daly can now view class discussions from a new lens and take what she has learned to the classroom. Daly’s piece of advice? “Be open to the ideas that others might have, but stand firm in what you believe in. Do not believe what everyone says, rather do your own research and pray to God to speak to you.” When God calls you to step out of your comfort zone, trust Him, because you never know where that opportunity might lead you.

Stay tuned for season two of AIM, live this summer. Watch all of their episodes on YouTube at kazq32 and follow AIM on social media @aimtvshow

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