#AskGCU: How Can I Fill My Internal Void?

By Lily Cooper

Ask GCU team on campus

This week on #AskGCU Julian and his crew were asked, “How do I fill my internal void?” Instantly they started asking around campus. They first went to Grand Canyon Beverage Company, the coffee shop on campus. There, they asked a barista what filled his internal void.

“A chocolate, vanilla, coconut espresso drink made with breve,” the barista replied.

The team asked to try one. When Caleb drank it, he said it was a yes from him for filling the internal void. After the rest of them tried it, the team had another customer take a sip and asked her the golden question. She said, “Yes! It fills my internal void!”

They went straight to Chick-fil-A after and found a customer who said Jesus and Chick-fil-A filled her internal void. Their next stop was at the prayer chapel, and Rosalie Michaels was asked if it filled her void. She whispered, “Yes, it’s very effective.”

Once of out the chapel, they ran around campus asking passersby what filled their eternal void. They went up to a girl and asked her if the gym filled her and she said it did partly, which prompted them to go to the gym and try it out. Then they met with the basketball players and asked if the game filled them, to which they said “yes.”

Their last few stops were at a hammock with a girl who said bouncing in a hammock filled her internal void and at a pool where they “filled their void with water.”

In the end, the team all concluded that food, prayers, the pool, gym, and coffee fill an internal void. So if you ever feel empty, be sure to check out some of the ideas above!

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