#AskGCU: What Is the Best Gym on Campus?

By Allison Richmond

A campus gym

Julian and his team hit the gym in this week’s installment of #AskGCU! The crew set out to answer the pressing question, “What is the best gym on campus?”

GCU has four gyms spread out across the beautiful campus. Student love the convenience and accessibility of these workout services. The gyms not only have a wide array of equipment, but they also offer a variety of classes like Zumba, yoga or spin biking. The amenities at each location vary, so that is why it is up to the #AskGCU crew to find the best place to go.

The team started their journey at the Papago Gym, located above the mail center. Here, they interviewed a gym employee, who reminded them that every gym visit must start with signing a liability form. This gym is the most convenient for those living in Papago and Encanto apartments and is the gym with the most classes available.

The next gym they checked out was Chaparral Gym, located behind the Chaparral pool. This gym also had a lot of equipment options. This gym really is “awesome” as one crew member put it. The Chaparral gym is closest to Chaparral, Ocotillo and Saguaro halls. It is also situated right next to a Lopes Mart, making it easy to get a quick post-workout snack.

After checking out Chaparral gym, the crew headed to Juniper hall to look at the Juniper Gym, located in The Grove. One interviewee here, claimed she really preferred the big gym in the Rec Center, but that she chose to come to the Juniper Gym because it is smaller and less crowded. This gym also has a room just for spin classes!

Finally, Julian and his team went to the Rec Center Gym, the biggest gym on campus. This gym is located behind Thunder Alley. The Rec Center Gym is two stories and has the widest variety of equipment available for all types of workouts. This gym is large and spacious, making it Julian’s favorite gym on campus.

Now the choice is up to you! Check these gyms out and find out which one you like best!

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