#AskGCU: What Is the Best Way to Drink Stampede?

By Allison Richmond

Students standing in line at GCBC

Julian Oliver is back at it again on #AskGCU answering GCU student’s most pressing questions. This week, students asked: what is the best way to drink Stampede?

To figure out the best way to drink Stampede, Julian set out for GCBC. Here, he introduced students to Stampede, GCU’s very own energy drink. Some students seemed to like it straight out of the can, but Julian and his team knew they needed an expert opinion.

A GCBC employee was happy to report that her “secret recipe” was the very best way to consume this high-energy beverage. She calls it a White Mocha Strawberry and Peach. To learn more about this concoction, Julian and his crew went behind the scenes at GCBC as the GCBC employee showed them how she makes the drink.

The crew watched as she mixed half a pump of white mocha syrup, one Stampede drink, one pump of strawberry syrup and half a pump of peach syrup together with ice. The result was a light pink drink that tasted even better than it looked.

Julian proceeded to share the drink with many students in GCBC, all of whom loved the blend. It seems to be unanimous: A White Mocha Strawberry and Peach Stampede is the best way to consume this GCU favorite.

You know what to do now. Head on down to GCBC and try it out!

Watch the full #AskGCU video here:

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