Continuing Education Spotlight: Early Childhood and Special Education

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At Grand Canyon University, we offer a broad selection of continuing education courses that allow current teachers to keep up with trends in education, seek endorsements to add to their certification and explore their areas of interest. These continuing education courses represent a cost-effective option for educators to earn graduate-level credits. If you’re looking for a convenient way to advance your education and expertise in high-demand subject areas, such as reading, ESL and special education, then consider enrolling at GCU. Below is a look at one of our courses in early childhood and special education:

ECS-501TE: Foundational Studies in Early Childhood and Special Education

This course focuses on the fundamental foundation of the field of early childhood education and early childhood special education. Topics covered include the current models, practices and ethics of teaching, along with philosophical and historical foundations of education. Learners also examine early childhood education and early childhood special education settings. Finally, professional development opportunities and professional preparation requirements in the field of early childhood education are explored.

Early childhood educators help ensure that children receive the attention that they need early in life to promote their success throughout their educational years. These educators may be responsible for documenting learning or behavioral concerns, leading educational activities, communicating with parents and maintaining a safe learning environment for students. Special education teachers in this field teach various subjects to children with a broad range of physical, learning, emotional and mental disabilities by adapting general education lessons to the needs of their students.

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