A Day in the Life of an Honors Student

By Morgan Lentz

two students studying

Grand Canyon University’s Honors College is proud of its spirited and ambitious students. For an honors student, each day is filled to the brim with work and play. A typical day in the life of an honors student might go something like this:

7:00 AM- Wake up, heat up some instant oatmeal in your dorm microwave and eat it, maybe a little too fast, burning your mouth in the process.

7:05 AM- (Like I said, ate way too fast.) You groggily make your bed and put on the pre-planned outfit you put on your chair the night before because, of course, you are prepared.

7:15 AM- Brush your teeth and hair, wash your face and make yourself ready for the day ahead. STOP, don’t forget to look in that mirror and give yourself a good check-out and smile because #confidence.

7:45 AM- Off to your 8 am class, which you will ROCK! But on the way, grab some coffee at GCBC to get yourself going for that early morning grind.

9:00 AM– You’re getting out of a successful class and on to your next one across campus, but you stop and say “hi” to some of your friends and promise a lunch date later today.

11:00 AM- You just got out of class. It’s time to go to lunch with friends before your job on campus. Maybe Chick Fil-A?

12:00 PM- You ordered a milkshake with those nuggets and fries because you are worth it, and you may have laughed so hard at your friend’s joke that it came out your nose just a little bit. Fun with friends, laughter and comradery (and fried chicken) have charged your battery and you are ready to go to work at the Learning Lounge, where you help fellow students succeed in their courses with your master knowledge of the subjects you tutor.

12:30 PM- You’re clocked in and already helping a freshman with her math homework: it looks like a busy day today!

4:00 PM- You’re clocking out and meeting up with some friends from your classes for dinner in the Union, catching up and talking about your funny professor.

5:00 PM- Walk up to the library and queue up your favorite jams on your phone for the studying session you are about to begin. You’ve got a couple of essays and homework assignments due by Sunday and a test on Friday— but no stress because you’ve done this before.

8:00 PM- Finally done for the day, you go back to the dorm and chill with your roommates, but there’s an Honors College mixer tonight that you just CAN’T miss! Luckily your roommate is also an honors student and you guys get dressed up and ready to socialize.

9:00 PM- The Honors College mixer is in full swing, you’re networking with your staff and fellow students as well as building relationships beyond school. That funny guy, Brett, seems like a potential friend that is also in your major. You could have stayed in bed watching Netflix, but you are glad you came.

10:00 PM– You and your roommate collapse into bed with heavy eyes. After a long day you barely had enough energy to change into pajamas. But as you lay in bed you replay your day and if you had to do it all over again, you wouldn’t change a thing.

Good thing too, because your alarm is set for 7 AM.

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