Earning an Online Degree: Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

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If you’re like many individuals preparing for higher education, then you’re considering online learning options and have questions about what they entail. Keep reading to discover the answers to frequently asked questions about earning an online degree.

How much does it cost to get a bachelor’s degree online?

The cost of studying online varies between schools, and some make it significantly more affordable than learning on campus. At GCU, our online degree programs have various credit requirements, and the cost of online credits depends on the level and area of study. GCU has partnerships with a variety of businesses, schools and organizations to help make advancing your education more affordable.

What is attending an online classroom like?

Online degree programs can vary widely in their formatting. For instance, some programs require that students participate at specific times, while others leave study times entirely at the students’ convenience. At Grand Canyon University, our online degree programs begin with a tutorial and utilize a learning management system that offers eBooks, discussion forums, web-enhanced learning tools and other resources to help students get started.

Can I transfer into an online degree program?

Students can transfer into an online degree program. You will find that many online schools are transfer-friendly and will evaluate your college credits to determine what can be transferred to your online program of choice. At GCU, we will evaluate your transcripts and coursework with our free Lopes Credit Evaluation service and let you know how quickly you can earn your online degree.

What degrees can I earn online?

With the number of online degree programs that are offered today, you’re likely to find plenty of options that interest you and support your career goals. For example, Grand Canyon University offers online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in areas of study that range from business administration to engineering to Christian studies.

Grand Canyon University has been helping learners achieve success and become industry leaders for more than 65 years. If you’d like to learn what degree programs we offer, then visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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