Favorite Blogs of Spring 2016: The Doctoral Journey

doctoral favorite blogs of 2016

The Doctoral Journey, presented by the College of Doctoral Studies, offers a wide variety of informative blogs about the doctoral process, including the exploration of best practices in research, dissertation tips and other topics. In case you missed them, here are some of our readers’ favorite blogs from spring 2016.

The PhD in Psychology: Exploring the Possibilities

If you are passionate about psychology, earning a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology can lead to many exciting opportunities. This post explores the various emphasis areas of GCU’s PhD programs. Read more to find out which emphasis best suits your interests.

The Benefits of Earning an Online Doctorate

It may seem impossible to become a doctoral learner while you balance other responsibilities, such as working a full-time job, managing finances and maintaining a social life. However, GCU allows learners to take control of their education by earning their degree online. Be sure to check out this post to learn about the convenience of GCU’s online doctoral programs.

GCU’s Glossary for Doctoral Learners

A doctoral degree from Grand Canyon University can provide you with the skills needed to take your career to the next level. What makes GCU’s doctorate programs unique? GCU offers a wide variety of doctoral degrees that cater to multiple interests and goals. This post is extremely helpful, as it lists some of the key terms to keep in mind when considering one of the doctoral programs offered by Grand Canyon University.

Using Your Doctoral Journey to Benefit Your Career

Dorina Miron, a doctoral research specialist in GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies, explains how doctoral programs teach students how to locate, evaluate, synthesize and apply information to tackle difficult problems. Read more from Dr. Miron to learn how a doctoral program can be a great benefit to you and your career.

Should I Get an EdS or EdD?

Having trouble deciding between earning an Education Specialist degree (EdS) or an EdD in leadership? This post reviews the similarities and differences between the two programs to help readers determine which degree is the best fit for them. Find your best fit and learn more about what it is like to earn a doctorate degree from Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies!

To learn more about earning a doctoral degree at GCU, visit our website or contact us today!

Written by Lauren Abraham, a senior earning a communication degree at GCU, and Jessica Meyer, a senior earning a marketing degree at GCU.

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