Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Basketball Season is Here!

By Tatum Sorrelman

GCU basketball players huddling at a game

I’m so excited that basketball season is finally here!

I have heard so many wonderful things about GCU basketball and it was really cool to be able to experience all of it firsthand. In high school, I went to a couple of basketball games, but they were nowhere near as exciting as this game was. The entire atmosphere of the Arena was thrilling. Every student was just as hyped to watch the game as the players were to play in the game. It was so much fun to stand with my friends and other students to cheer on our Lopes.

Not only was the game exciting, but the halftime show was exciting as well! A man and his dog were doing insane acrobatic tricks that are very difficult to describe unless you were there to see it. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire performance!

We ended up winning the game, and for the first home game of the season, that is so amazing!  I had so much fun during every moment of the basketball game that I honestly cannot wait for the next one! This season is going to be fantastic. I am so happy that I get to share it with all of my friends.

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