Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Mother’s Day

<span>Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Mother’s Day</span>
Posted on June 08, 2017  in  [ GCU Experience ]

Mother’s Day is always an exciting time of year. It’s the time when my entire family gets together to celebrate all the mothers in our lives.

This Mother’s Day was different than most because not all of my family members were there to celebrate. My dad is a firefighter so he doesn’t always get holidays off. This Mother’s Day was one of those days. My younger sister also wasn’t able to make it to brunch because she had softball practice that morning. So, for this Mother’s Day brunch it was just my mom, my little brother and me.

Even though not all of my family members were able to make it to brunch we still had a great time. There were so many different breakfast dishes it was hard to just pick one thing! The cheesy potatoes were especially delicious this year because it was one of the few things I was able to chew after getting my wisdom teeth removed. After everyone got their food we all sat down and dug in.

After brunch, each family brings the gifts that they have for their mom and each mom opens their presents. I bought my mom something small, but it had meaning to it that meant more than the gift itself.

We didn’t do much, but we spent time together and that is all that matters. Check it out by watching my latest video below:

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Tatum Sorrelman

Tatum Sorrelman

Business Management Major, Colangelo College of Business

Tatum Sorrelman is the oldest child in a family of five, and she enjoys every minute of it. Being the oldest has given her a lot of responsibilities and has helped form her personality. Her family is very important to her, and she enjoys spending time with them.

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