GCU Admissions Requirements for Traditional Campus Students

GCU students on the promenade

Grand Canyon University accepts applicants 16 years and older, and we look for prospective students who have diverse experiences, interests and perspectives. If you’re a high school student who is interested in applying to GCU, then continue reading to learn more about our admissions requirements:

We Take Your Best Scores

When considering prospective students, GCU uses either GPA or a test score like the SAT or the ACT. If you qualify for admissions based off your SAT or ACT, you will also need to couple your test score with a minimum GPA requirement to gain admission. Students are required to hit only one of these standards and we will accept whichever one is best. This same process is used when considering you for scholarships as well, which can help ensure you receive the most scholarship to help make your education at GCU affordable.

Example: Your unweighted GPA is 2.8. The minimum GPA requirement for admission is 3.0. However, you could still gain admission to GCU based on your standardized test scores. If your ACT score is 19 or your SAT is 1000, then you can gain admission to the university as long as you have established a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

We Take Your Weighted GPA

When GCU evaluates GPA scores for admission, we look at the unweighted total GPA for all four years of high school. For scholarships, on the other hand, we use the weighted GPA, which can be impacted by factors such as advanced placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and honors programs.

Example: You have an unweighted GPA is 3.0, so you have gained admission to the university. However, your weighted GPA is 3.5; therefore, your scholarship level will be based off of 3.5, earning you a higher amount of scholarship for your first year at GCU.

We Take Your First Transcripts

GCU honors the first transcripts that we receive. For example, if you submit a high school transcript in October when you have a GPA of 3.0, but then graduate with a GPA of 2.9 in the spring, we will still honor your GPA and scholarship opportunities from the fall.

We Have Rolling Admissions

Our rolling admissions policy means that we admit new students year-round. Even if you completed your SAT in June, you could still gain admission to GCU for the upcoming academic year!

At Grand Canyon University, our goal is to provide a quality education for each of our learners. To find out more about admissions at GCU, visit our website or click the Request More Information button located on this page.

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