GCU’s Transparent Enrollment Process

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If you’re on the cusp of sending your first child to college, you are probably getting very annoyed with all the extra noise. Colleges and universities near and far are sending you materials about why they are the best choice. In between the lines, there are all sorts of hidden hurdles and hoops your son or daughter will need to jump through in order to actually enroll. All those hurdles and hoops? Extra noise.

At Grand Canyon University, we strive to maintain as transparent of an enrollment process as possible. Our dedicated support team ensures that each student has a clear picture of what’s required of them to graduate (and on time to boot!).

Included in GCU’s Enrollment Process are the following:

LOPES Evaluation Center

In the Pre-Evaluation, GCU staff from the LOPES Evaluation Center reviews your student’s transcripts and provides an outline of which credits will transfer, such as credit from AP courses or dual enrollment, and which courses are still needed to earn a degree.

Complete Course Schedule

If your child already knows their intended major, as part of their evaluation they’ll also receive a complete schedule laying out their program’s required courses from beginning to end.

Financial Aid

GCU lays out all costs so you know exactly what it will cost to send your child to college. We have set tuition and no hidden fees, plus costs for housing, meal plans and parking clearly listed on our website. Our Net Price Calculator estimates the total annual cost of attending GCU plus factors in scholarships your child may be eligible for.

Grand Canyon University aims to make the enrollment process as easy as possible. To learn more about an education from GCU, visit our website or use the request more information button at the top of the page.

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