Living on Campus: What to Bring to Your Dorm

Posted on August 09, 2016  in  [ GCU Experience ]

Preparing for college is an exciting time as you imagine new experiences in the classroom, on campus and in your living community. Yep, dorm life is all part of being a college student. This is your new home away from home!

Keep in mind, you may be living on your own and away from home. But Grand Canyon University still enforces rules to follow to ensure happy and safe campus living. Here is the rundown on what you can and cannot bring to campus based on our dorm checklist.

What to Bring to Your Dorm

  • Renter’s Insurance: Renter’s insurance is strongly recommended, but not required. You have the opportunity to purchase optional renter’s insurance while completing the Housing Application. See the University Policy Handbook to review GCU’s policy on personal property liability.
  • Appliances: We understand many Lopes run off caffeine, and would never deprive you of your morning cup of joe. We allow coffee makers! An iron, microwave and refrigerator are allowed too. Remember to connect with your future roommate to see who is bringing which item! One microwave and refrigerator are allowed per room in each suite.
  • Decorations: Personalizing your dorm room is all part of the college experience. Adorn your room with framed pictures of good times and appropriate posters representative of who you are. You can also bring an alarm clock, calendar and lamp for your desk.
  • Electronics: You are going to need a TV for those study breaks and in between classes. Most students also bring a computer to stay connected and use for schoolwork. Stereos are great for playing music while hanging out with friends or getting ready for a campus event.
  • Room Accessories: We want our Lopes to be comfy in their new homes! If you have a bean bag chair, bring it! A coffee table, side table or night stand provide extra storage space too. Many students like to bring a folding chair or inflatable furniture that can be taken from room to room when visiting friends.
  • Supplies: The essentials! You are going to need bed sheets, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, laundry detergent… a power strip, toilet paper, toiletries and towels… The list goes on and on. Check out our dorm supplies list and make your own, so you do not forget any necessities before you get to campus.
  • Transportation: Our campus is pedestrian-friendly; however, if you prefer an alternative, faster mode of transportation, bring your bike (and lock!) or skateboard to zip around campus to and from class – or even to just enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.

What to Leave at Home

  • Heating Sources: We ask that students keep candles, space heaters, toasters and other heated sources at home. Multi-outlet wall units and overloading power strips not permitted. There are approximately 3,800 campus housing fires in the U.S. each year. Let’s free our dorms from risk of fires!
  • Hardware: GCU takes pride in its beautiful campus, including our residence halls. To prevent wall damage, screws and nails to hang items to the wall are against our dorm policy. We also do not allow wireless printers because they interfere with the wireless network.
  • Furniture: Space is limited; there is no need for students to bring a couch, futon, kitchen table, loveseat, personal bed/mattress, bed riser/loft kit or TV unit/console. Our residence halls are fully furnished and offer plenty of places to lounge.
  • Other: GCU is proud to be a safe and dry campus! We do not allow students to bring alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, firearms or weapons, fireworks, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, and mercury-contained items. Students who disobey this requirement are subject to consequences.

For current students who have questions or want more information, refer to GCU’s University Policy Handbook or contact Housing Operations at 855-GCU-LOPE. To learn more about the campus experience at GCU, visit our website or contact us today using the Request More Information button at the top of the page!


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