A Look at the Havocs Experience at GCU

GCU havoc student section cheering

When it comes to providing the Lopes with a homecourt advantage, Grand Canyon University’s Havocs fan section has got it down. Being a member of the GCU Havocs gives you a prime opportunity to demonstrate your school pride and spirit. As part of the Havocs experience, you’ll get to cheer on and support various GCU athletic teams alongside fellow students who value school pride.

According to Karstem Kem, President of the GCU Havocs, the atmosphere at GCU basketball games is the best in the country. The GCU Havocs continually come up with new and creative ways to cheer the Lopes toward victory and there will be some special end-game experiences this year for both the Havocs and the rest of the fans to enjoy.

Karstem explains that, although all the students are unique, study various fields and are involved with different campus activities, game day is when they all come together. Also, he believes that being a part of the GCU Havocs is one of the best ways to make a great community on campus and that it provides truly a remarkable experience.

Thanks to the GCU Havocs, basketball games are more than just games. These matches are transformed into events that help students get involved and make friends during their collegiate experience as they come together and cheer the Lopes toward a common goal. These games feature in-game performances and halftime entertainment. Along with the GCU Havocs, the cheer team, dance team, and Thundering Heard Pep Band generate an energetic and family-friendly environment. Come and join the chaos as a

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