Making it in Melbourne: All About Melbs

By Kaitlyn Terrey

Kate in front of a street art mural

Let me tell you a little about Melbs. Being the shameless nerd with exquisite taste that I am, the European-style architecture makes even my hour-long tram trips into the city interesting. Some need tunes or Angry Birds to pass the time, but I’m perfectly content with seeing Federation-style houses outside my window, thank you very much.

Also, the graffiti (or rather its legal cousin: street art) on a lot of the buildings here is really nice. It doesn’t take much to entertain a simpleton like me. Most machines don’t sense that I have a pulse and Snapchat filters rarely read my face. Does that make me any less of a person? Maybe. But I’m convinced I’m alive nonetheless. 

Second point of conversation: the weather. I’ve always thought I’d like to live somewhere with four seasons. I just didn’t think all four seasons would be in one day. Checking the weather before going out every morning is a necessary part of one’s routine, like checking Facebook or watching funny cat videos. It’s entirely possible you’ll have to throw a parka on over your sundress, so you can’t be too prepared. 

Third point: Every other word here is short for something. Take the following sentence for example: “Let’s go to Maccas to grab some chicky nugs.” I don’t know if that sentence means what you think it means, so let me do the honor of translating. *Ahem* “Let’s go to McDonalds to grab some chicken nuggets.” Boom. How’s that for culture? 

Note: Some events have been dramatized for thematic effect. But not really. 

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