My Out-of-State Transfer Experience

By Jessica Baral

Student in front of a US map

Transferring from one local college to another can be quite stressful, sometimes even difficult. Transferring to a college out-of-state can seem even more challenging. What if your credits do not transfer? What if you do not adapt to the different culture of your new state and college? These were the questions that raced through my mind when I decided to transfer from a private Pennsylvania college to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. Thanks to the quick and simple out-of-state transfer process at GCU, all of these worries were soon replaced with excitement.

Transferring Made Easy

Not only was the application simple and easy to fill out, but I was also assigned a personal university counselor who explained the next steps and provided much-needed information for both a transfer and out-of-state student. Like every transfer student, I was concerned that the many college courses I had taken in previous years would not transfer to my new university. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that all of my credits were accepted!

The rest of the process proved to be easy and straightforward. With the help of my university counselor, I not only set up my financial aid and scheduled my classes, but I was also able to receive my parking permit and student ID nearly two months before classes began! Because of the quick transfer process, I only had to focus on my move to Phoenix through the months of July and August.

Welcome to GCU!

Moving from my small town in Pennsylvania to the big, bustling city of Phoenix was quite a transition, but what was most overwhelming was how well I was received. Not only was I heartily greeted by family in the area, but GCU’s community welcomed me with open arms. They did their best to show students like myself that no matter how you got there or where you came from, you were now a part of the Lope community.

GCU provided many orientations, meet-and-greets and activities that were catered to out-of-state and transfer students during the school’s Welcome Week. There were also plenty of campus-wide activities and events that took place during this week and then throughout the college year. This certainly helped me to adjust to the campus culture as well as hear other students’ college journeys.

Home, Sweet Home

I have since come to call Phoenix my home, and have enjoyed every moment of my time at GCU. From the challenging and engaging classes, to the fun activities and events, GCU has provided me with an amazing campus experience that I would not trade for anything.

At GCU, we offer college transfer specialists who provide personalized support as you explore your degree options. Want to learn more about Grand Canyon University’s transfer process? Visit our website or click the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

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