Spotlight: Club Sports Strength and Conditioning Program

GCU mascot Thunder doing strength conditioning

Grand Canyon University’s club sports strength and conditioning program strives to help student-athletes reach their potential as well as offer education on personal wellness and the use of proper techniques. Through this program, GCU provides student-athletes with a detail-oriented training environment that is also safe and positive.

Improved Injury Prevention

Taking steps to prevent injuries is a critical component of proper and effective athletic training. To help protect the health and wellness of our club sports student-athletes, our strength and conditioning staff design and administer aerobic, flexibility, strength, plyometric and other training regimens to help reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

The same routines that can help prevent injuries in our club sports student-athletes can also positively impact their athletic performance. Some of the other advantages of these programs include increased strength and better flexibility.

Ongoing Energy Systems Development

Specifically, these exercise programs are designed to promote optimal results in body balance, power, hypertrophy, coordination, agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and body composition. Optimizing the body’s energy systems can result in better overall athletic performance, development and recovery.

Customized Athletic Training

The training programs implemented by GCU’s club sports strength and conditioning team are designed to account for the physiological and biomechanical differences among athletes. For example, a student’s experience, physical limitations, training status and injury status are considered. Among the goals of the strength and conditioning program are to recognize physiological responses and adaptations to training, and to determine what these mean for the development of sport-specific training routines.

Effective Technique and Recovery Education

Both on and off the field, the importance of proper technique and recovery can’t be overstated. We focus on educating student-athletes on the fundamentals of technique and recovery, as well as their impact on health and performance.

Grand Canyon University’s club sports strength and conditioning program promotes a safe and positive environment. Visit our website or click the Request More Information Button on this page to learn more about club sports at GCU.

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