Spotlight: Individual College Courses at GCU

A GCU student working online

Here at Grand Canyon University, we understand that knowledge is power. GCU empowers students by offering individual college courses that can be taken online. Our individual courses allow for students to reach their goals and explore another area of study without compromising their already busy schedules. These individual courses provide a bridge to completing the bigger picture of a quality education, and students can enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with taking these courses online.

Who Should Take Individual Courses at Grand Canyon University?

Individual courses are designed to fulfill the needs of students who are missing a prerequisite class, need to meet a job specification, need training in a specific area or just really want to learn. While life can be busy, we believe that you should be able to achieve your dreams, and taking an individual course might put you one step closer. Most students take these courses in order to complete prerequisites, some take them to be more knowledgeable about a certain subject and others take classes to test out the academic waters. The possibilities are endless!

What Courses Does Grand Canyon University Offer?

Almost any course in our catalog is available as an individual course. We have a vast selection of courses, and our most popular courses are in areas such as teaching, accounting, science and counseling. In addition, English and math courses help fulfill the prerequisites needed for the majority of majors offered at Grand Canyon University.

How do Individual Courses Work?

Our individual courses are offered online, giving you the opportunity to complete your coursework in the comfort of your home. Courses usually last up to seven weeks for undergraduate students and eight weeks for graduate students. You will be taught by intelligent professors who are dedicated to your education. GCU faculty members are welcoming to students and willing to assist them with any problems or questions that they have about their coursework.

GCU is also committed to quality instruction and ensuring that whether you are a student seeking a degree or a student looking to explore a new field, you will receive the same helpful resources that are available to all GCU students. Your online classroom will provide you with resources specific to the course, and you will also be able to access other resources such as tutoring services and the library. With the support of GCU faculty and the university as a whole, you can achieve your goals!

Grand Canyon University is committed to the success of students and providing the tools to become the best future-shapers. To learn more about earning an education from GCU, visit our website or request more information using the button at the top of the page.

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