Student Spotlight: Bethany Egeler

Bethany Egeler on campus

Grand Canyon University is a premier private Christian university, and our main campus in sunny Phoenix has served as a door to success for countless students and future industry leaders. Bethany Egeler is a junior at Grand Canyon University who is earning a Christian studies degree and a minor in psychology. Bethany fell in love with GCU because of the ministry services that the university offers, along with the many community service opportunities that are available.

Bethany and other students are making a major impact on the local community and Painting the Valley Purple through GCU’s Serve the City event, during which staff and students go out to serve as volunteers.

Because of Grand Canyon University’s presence in the community, it carries significance for people in Phoenix when they learn that someone is part of the GCU staff or student body. Bethany goes on to relate that being a student at GCU seems to carry its own credentials, informing others that you’re a good person and you’re going to go far.

Bethany is grateful to have the privilege of bringing 7th and 8th graders onto the GCU campus every week and presenting a college readiness program, which has made a difference in the lives of many students. Bethany also participates in a mentorship program, through which she mentors a local student by walking her through life just as others do for Bethany.

Bethany feels that GCU is preparing her for a future in which she can teach students and make a difference in the lives of others. You can view the full testimonial by watching the video below.

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