Student Spotlight: Jaylen Kroupa

Jaylen Kroupa on campus

Offering degrees in everything from business and management to performing arts and creative design, Grand Canyon University serves as a gateway to success for learners. Our private Christian university makes it convenient for students to achieve their career goals by offering online and evening classes in addition to those on the main campus in Phoenix. To discover what it’s like to study at GCU, take a look at Jaylen (JC) Kroupa’s student spotlight.

JC Kroupa is a freshman at Grand Canyon University who is pursuing a Christian studies degree with a minor in psychology. He feels that GCU offers endless possibilities and many resources that can help him achieve success.

JC hopes to become a pastor, and after arriving at GCU and taking in the university’s activities, he was encouraged to bring the gospel to a contemporary outlet. For this reason, he has developed a program called Weekly Words. For each segment, JC and his team head out to an amazing place in Phoenix and film a three- to five-minute video on various topics as they relate to the gospel.

According to JC, the Christian community at GCU is modern and relatable to today’s youth, and creates a safe place for individuals to grow spiritually. Also, he feels that GCU is preparing him for the real world that is present outside of the protective bubble in which many people place themselves.

At GCU, school spirit is strongly fostered; games are incredibly energetic; and the Havocs, GCU’s student section, create an energetic home game atmosphere. You can watch this video to view the entire testimonial:

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Grand Canyon University strives to provide each of our students with a quality education and a path toward their career goals. If you’re ready to find your purpose and discover our many degree programs, then visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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