United by Purpose: Community Transformation

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Change is inevitable, and you may welcome it or be forced to respond to it. However, embracing change can result in amazing transformations. Watch this video to learn about Grand Canyon University’s goal of community transformation, which we call United by Purpose.

During the 50s and 60s, West Phoenix thrived as a growing, middle-class neighborhood. The area was known for its churches, parks, retail establishments and affordable homes. But communities change over time, and West Phoenix began to suffer from urban decline. Despite this evolution, West Phoenix is still where GCU and many people call home. Rather than walk away from economic downfall, we chose to be united by purpose.

Formerly known as Grand Canyon College, GCU transformed from an institution near bankruptcy in the early 2000s into a thriving university that now enjoys academic growth and has formidable community impact. This change, which was driven by a revived vision, financial intervention, and a commitment to our Christian mission, spurred the university into a new age of transformative growth.

With more than 17,000 ground students, 60,000 online students, and a rapidly growing campus, GCU found itself in a position to give back. We have extended our efforts beyond academics to serve as a foundation for free enterprise, enter the community with empowering initiatives and restore West Phoenix to a safe place to live.

At GCU, our purpose is not only to inspire our local community, but to motivate other struggling communities to embrace change and create brighter futures for all. The transformation that has begun in West Phoenix is only the beginning. We invite you to watch as our cooperative partnerships, united by purpose, continue to strive toward a greater goal and transform a community with profound potential.

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