The Value of a Great Instructor

GCU students with their professor in a GCU classroom

While looking for colleges, you no doubt have a list of important criteria that will either add a college to your “Apply Here” list or remove it as an option. This criteria could include the rigor of the academics, the number of clubs and organizations on campus and so much more. While these are important factors to be aware of during your college search, it is highly encouraged that your list should include quality professors. 

The faculty at a university are so much more than teachers providing information from their lectures. They are mentors, seasoned with experience in their fields and willing to help students succeed in their academics and careers. Here are three ways that a great instructor makes such an impact on their students:

They Teach

This trait may seem obvious, but actually comes with many layers. A great instructor teaches with passion, sharing their many experiences and the excitement of being in their field. Their teaching is not restricted to the classroom, but outside of it as well. They enjoy discussions with their students and do not shy away from an opportunity to talk one-on-one.

They Connect

Not only do great instructors teach their students, but they also connect with them. They are able to cross the divide between professor and student easily, engaging in an understanding and helpful way. They care about their students (and the students know it), and they are always willing to discuss any struggles that they are having in the class.

They Inspire

The third and most important way that great instructors impact their students is that they inspire them to do great things. Their passion is contagious, encouraging students to do more than simply pass their class. They motivate them to excel in all that they do, whether it is in class, in their career or in their everyday life.

Great instructors serve an even greater role than you would expect. They are teachers, mentors and living inspirations who want to help their students succeed. They make an impact on students that will guide them for years to come.

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