What is Military Tuition Assistance (TA)?

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Serving your country takes strength, heart and dedication. If you are serving your country as a member of the military, then Grand Canyon University wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get your college education. Keep reading to learn about military Tuition Assistance (TA) and how it can help you pursue your degree at GCU:

What is Tuition Assistance (TA)?

Grand Canyon University is proud to serve our military and upholds the policies and processes set forth by the military for the TA program. This program offers a special rate on tuition costs for members of the military as well as their spouses.

Who is Eligible for Military Tuition Assistance?

The TA program was created to help military service members get the financial support they need to continue their education and advance their career. Anyone who is a member of the Army, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Air Force Reserves or Coast Guard may be eligible for the military Tuition Assistance program. GCU also offers a special military rate per credit hour to military members and spouses of military members.

How Do I Use My TA Benefits?

GCU employs specialized military university counselors to help students fully understand their military TA benefits. After choosing your desired degree program, you can meet with a university counselor. During your meeting, you can ask any questions you have about the program and find out what expenses it will cover.

If you want to learn more about military Tuition Assistance or overall student life for military members at Grand Canyon University, take a look at our website or click the Request More Information button located on this page.

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