What is Healthcare Innovation?

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Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Health Care Administration is offered by the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions and prepares healthcare professionals to fill roles in middle to upper management by helping them develop competencies related to the business of healthcare.

This program’s curriculum includes coursework that examines how innovations affect all aspects of healthcare. Students are given the opportunity to picture the best possible outcome for the future of America’s healthcare system and explore what changes and innovations would be required to generate that result.

Healthcare innovation can refer to many areas in which developments impact the healthcare field, for example, advancements in business models, workflow processes, information technologies or care models. The creation of revolutionary devices has defined healthcare innovations in recent years, and it’s likely that the ongoing evolution of information technology will enable positive changes in process and care models in the future.

Innovation in healthcare offers many significant benefits. For example, having the ability to access patient medical records from various devices and remote locations allows doctors to provide more accurate and efficient diagnoses. Similarly, innovation can promote healthcare provider communication and collaboration by letting doctors share their expertise and help a patient without being physically present. Personalized medicine, which looks at individual genetic makeups, and regenerative medicine, which focuses on healing patients using their own cells, are examples of innovations that may characterize the future of healthcare.

While studying healthcare innovation, students in GCU’s Master of Science in Health Care Administration degree program learn how clinical data, practice and knowledge are promoting healthcare surveillance systems through informatics. Additionally, regulatory and legal issues in public and private health practice that are related to public health security and preparedness are explored.

Discover how transactional professionals can become transformational leaders while earning Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Health Care Administration. For details on this degree program, visit the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions website or use the Request More Information button on this page.

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