Career Options with a BA in Theatre Drama

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Are you wondering what available opportunities are out there related to theatre and drama

As with most career paths, new graduates must be willing to put in long hours learning the business from the bottom up. That’s why you should think about looking for an internship opportunity during or after your degree program. Here are a few career options for theatre majors to consider:


One of the most coveted performing arts jobs is that of an actor. With a BA in Theatre and Drama, you will be ready to work toward a position as a stage, television or movie actor. An actor’s job is to interpret a script. Thus, they need to adopt a character’s state of mind and emotions. Actors must use their tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, posture and other cues to convey their character’s personality.

Note that it can be hard to find steady work as an actor, whether you pursue a career in stage, TV or film acting. It will take persistence and hard work to succeed. It is important to get as much experience as you can to climb up the ranks to get an agent and more advance roles.

Theatre Director

Other jobs for theatre majors may include the role of the theatre director. Theatre directors may also write and act in the play they are directing. They are responsible for instructing and inspiring the actors to reach new heights in the performance. If you aspire to a career as a theatre director, then you might want to look for opportunities at small community arts groups. Once you have some directing experience, you can look for positions in better-known productions.

Theatre Stage Manager

So, what jobs can you get with a theatre degree besides acting and directing? If you prefer behind-the-scenes work, then you might think about a role as a stage manager at a theatre. Managers work hand-in-hand with stage directors, keeping track of the director’s guidance for the actors and ensuring that the director’s orders are carried out.

Managers must be good communicators because their role is largely that of a liaison between the director and everyone else who is working on the production—from the stagehands to the lighting technicians.

Arts Administrator

A job as an arts administrator may be a good fit for someone who has a passion for the performing arts, as well as a business-oriented mindset. Arts administrators are hired by many different organizations, including the following:

• Ballet companies

• Musical groups

• Symphony orchestras

• Art galleries

• Museums

Other arts administrators work for community theatre productions. Their role is to run the business side of the organization. They handle marketing as well as promoting the organization and its productions. In addition, they deal with financial concerns such as fundraising and budgeting. In other words, they have a wide range of tasks.

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