The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers humanities degree programs and social science majors that promote interdisciplinary study and research while helping you develop abilities that are valued in many workplaces, such as collaborative and analytical skills.

If you would like to work in a human service career, consider social science degree programs in counseling, justice studies or a combined emphasis degree program to teach in a secondary school. If you are interested in serving in a public position, consider humanities majors in public administration. If you would like to work in communications, consider earning a communications degree or taking courses in professional writing. Or, study in one of our dynamic history programs and gain hands-on experience with an internship. We offer traditional campus programs, online degree programs and evening classes, allowing you to earn your degree in a way that is convenient for you.

Our vision is to create lifelong learners and evolving thinkers who are prepared by a rigorous educational environment and Christian worldview to combine academic excellence with spiritual purpose.

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Online Counseling Degrees

Grand Canyon University's (GCU) online counseling degrees offer a convenient way to start on a new career path or continue your education as you work toward licensure or certification in your area. Our Christian counseling degree helps you learn how to blend Christian principles with professional counseling practices, while our online addiction counseling degree helps you prepare to work with clients who suffer from substance abuse or dependency disorders. We also offer other emphases, including marriage and family counseling and trauma counseling, to help you expand your knowledge in a particular area. Explore our social science degree programs to see which ones may be the right fit for you.

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Counseling and Psychology Degrees

Counseling and psychology degree programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences develop students into impactful mental health professionals who have passion to help others overcome challenges and improve their quality of life. Our Bachelor of Science in Counseling prepares you to serve adults and children who suffer from addiction, chemical dependency and substance abuse. Social science majors in this program gain the skills and knowledge to provide the most effective care, including substance use disorder treatment and relapse prevention. For a challenging, yet rewarding career in helping others manage mental and emotional health, earn your BS in psychology. Deepen your understanding of human thought processes and behaviors, learn to apply therapeutic techniques and explore research methods. Counseling and psychology curriculum based off of our Christian worldview within a faith-based learning environment also instills skills for working with empathy, compassion and ethics. 

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Start College Early

GCU's dual enrollment program is an affordable, convenient way for college-bound high school students to prepare for college. While finishing up your final high school year, you can attend college-level courses online. If you are an Arizona resident, you may be able to take college-level classes right in your high school classroom!

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Gain a competitive advantage in your chosen field by earning a minor along with your traditional degree. The additional coursework can help you build skillsets that add even more value to your education.

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Single Classes

GCU's classes are intended for both degree-seeking students and students who want to take single classes. Most bachelor's and master's courses are available as individual courses-and you can take them online.

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GCU Locations

In addition to academic options, GCU offers classes at flexible times and at various locations. Earn your degree at our Phoenix campus or online, or explore other degree programs offered in evening formats and at our campus extensions.

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