3 Questions to Ask Before Earning a Degree in Sociology

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Have you considered earning a Bachelor of Science in Sociology? This degree will prepare you to interpret society’s impact on human behavior. As a result, you can gain skills that are valued in a wide variety of careers. Here are three questions to ask before earning a degree in sociology:

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of how society impacts human social interaction. Human interaction is complex and is influenced by social, religious and legal guidelines. A sociologist will study human behavior and how organizational structure causes humans to maintain certain behaviors or change them. Specifically, they will analyze such things as class, social status, social movements, religion, the family, criminal deviance and social change (Sociology Majors Guide, n.d.).

What Will I Learn in a Sociology Program?

In Grand Canyon University’s sociology degree program, you will learn about advanced theories and principles related to society and human interaction. In addition, you will have the opportunity to build a foundation of knowledge and skills, including critical thinking, servant leadership, investigative research and analytical and collaborative abilities.

You will also analyze the dynamics of social hierarchies, wealth and prestige within social systems and minority groups in the U.S. and their significance in history and the current culture. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the effects of social forces and social change in society.

What Can I do with a Degree in Sociology?

A degree in sociology can prepare you for a wide variety of careers. For example, you may qualify for administrative positions where you will administer human services, define policies and lead teams of researchers. With our new emphasis in social work, you may also be able to use your degree in the field of counseling, as you will analyze trends you see in your clients and be able to meet their needs.

Other potential career paths include education, politics and even journalism (Sociology Majors Guide, n.d.). Overall, your sociology degree can allow you to find success in many different fields.

Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers degree programs that give insight into the many facets of human behavior. To learn more about the majors and degree programs available at GCU, visit our website or contact us using the Request More Information button at the top of the page.


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