7 Fields You Can Pursue With a Psychology Degree

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Psychology has many applications in a variety of fields. Earning a psychology degree allows you to pursue a range of different careers in psychology related to your emphasis. The American Psychological Association defines psychology as the study scientific study of the mind and behavior.1

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial and organizational psychology focuses on psychology in the workplace. Psychologists who work in these areas study human potential as well as efficiency and effectiveness. Psychology degree graduates who go into industrial and organizational psychology may work as statisticians, career information specialists, job analysts, human resources advisors, consultants or occupational therapists.


A student who earns an advanced psychology degree and completes the fieldwork and coursework can become a counselor. People who work in counseling work with patients who need support through life troubles, crises or chronic issues like depression. A counselor may specialize in an arts field and become an art or music therapist. Other therapists may work as counseling psychologists or guidance counselor in schools. Some psychology degree grads who specialize in counseling may choose to serve their religious communities as ministers, priests or rabbis.

Clinical Psychology

Psychology degree holders who work in clinical psychology do much of the same work as their counseling psychology peers, but they tend to work with more severe cases. Clinical psychologists can complete additional medical training to become psychiatrists. Psychology degree grads who pursue clinical psychology may find roles as neurologists, psychiatric social workers, medical technicians or psychiatrists.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychologists study human development. They may specialize in a certain age group or support people across their entire life span. Child development specialists work specifically with children and parents. They may also work in school settings.

Social Psychology

Psychology degree graduates interested in how humans interact and are affected by each other may choose to study social psychology. Social psychologists are especially focused on interpersonal human reactions. Psychology degree graduates who study this field may end up in careers such as social workers, group therapists, recreational leaders or social group leaders.

School Psychology

School psychologists are interested in learning and development in educational systems. They strive to create and support process used to improve learning at all levels. School psychologists may work as a school psychologist or social worker. They may also go on to become post-secondary professors or teachers.

Family Psychology

Psychology degree graduates interested in how families function to support all members study family psychology. Family psychologists may counsel families or family members. They may also take on roles as caseworkers, marriage counselors, child welfare placement officers or child psychologists.


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