Degree Spotlight: Master in Health Psychology

By Kennedy Lane
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Image of a brain

Grand Canyon University offers multiple degree types within the psychology realm, one of those being a Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Health Psychology. This program will help students to learn how to help others through physical, mental and cognitive health lifestyles.

Help Others Learn About Health

This program helps students to understand the things that influence the health of individuals. Students will learn how to inspire a positive lifestyle to other people and how they can better their health.

This program will help you learn the following:

  • The promotion of health behaviors at the individual and community level, with a focus on prevention programs and the utilization of media
  • The implementation of community-wide change through intervention, prevention and program evaluation
  • Current public policy, and the issues and controversies that affect the health psychology field
  • The lifestyle factors that promote health and wellness across the lifespan

Core courses in the Master of Health Psychology program include:

Here is a list of the classes required to complete in order to obtain this master’s degree.

  • PSY-510: Contemporary and Ethical Issues in Psychology
  • PSY-530: Social and Cultural Psychology
  • PSY-661: Promotion of Health Behaviors
  • PSY-662: Health and Wellness
  • PSY-520: Graduate Statistics
  • PSY-550: Research Methods
  • PSY-664: Community Health
  • PSY-663: Future of Health Psychology
  • PSY-693: Professional Capstone

Potential workplaces for this degree are:

There are many options when it comes to finding work as a health psychologist. Here is a list of the places that you would be able to find work with a masters in health psychology.

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofit entities
  • Private corporations

Potential jobs include:

If you are unsure of what you want to do with a health psychology degree, here are a few options to choose from and consider.

  • Community health psychology: You could study the health profile of whole communities and explore risk factors in disease prevalence.
  • Occupational health psychology: You could work with corporations to influence workplace policies that encourage the physical, mental and spiritual health of employees.
  • Public health psychology: You could work within public and governmental health programs to influence public health policies or implement public health awareness campaigns.
  • Clinical health psychology: You could help clients understand how behavior and lifestyle choices affect overall health and how to overcome lifestyle issues.
  • With a masters in health psychology, you will be given many opportunities to help others better their physical and mental health in many different work settings.

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