New Degree Spotlight: Behavioral Health Science

Posted on March 17, 2016  in  [ Psychology & Counseling ]

As Grand Canyon University continues to grow, more new programs are being added to the colleges. The newest program from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is the Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science. This new program is for students with an interest in behavioral health, with an option to choose an emphasis in trauma, family dynamics or childhood adolescence and disorders.

The behavioral health science degree gives you the opportunity to explore concepts in behavioral health. In this new program, you learn about behavioral health, and complete research-based assignments to further develop your knowledge. Topics within this program include cultural and social diversity, abnormal psychology and behavioral health concepts. The behavioral health degree gives you the opportunity to prepare for a wide range of work and practice.

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The behavioral health degree with an emphasis in trauma gives you the chance to focus on the biopsychosocial impact of trauma, as well as trauma-based and informed care for patients in need. This degree emphasizes the assessment and treatment of trauma, as well as counseling concepts and human development. This emphasis also allows you to focus on the trauma aspect of behavioral health so that you can make a difference in the lives of those who have experienced mild to severe trauma. After graduating, you might be interested in advancing your education with a master’s degree in psychology or counseling.

Family Dynamics

With an emphasis in family dynamics, a larger focus is placed on the dynamics, qualities and perceptions within family science. Course topics within this field include concepts in the perception of families and how they change over time, theories in counseling and how current family relationships might impact future ones. This emphasis is directed toward those with a passion for helping others, especially families, who are in need of special understanding and problem-solving techniques. Those who feel as though this is the right field for them generally have a strong interest in family and personal affairs.

Childhood Adolescence and Disorders

This emphasis gives you the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge in childhood adolescence and disorders. Gain insight into the areas of childhood and adolescent physical and behavioral health and disorders, counseling theories and the ethics of behavioral sciences. Potential career options include health services worker, clinical psychologist or therapist.

Each program in the behavioral health degree requires a capstone project, giving you a chance to propose a community-based organization within the specific area of focus. This project allows you to go further in-depth in your field of study, helping you acquire skills and knowledge you might find useful once you graduate and enter the workforce.

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