Should You Consider a Professional Counseling Degree with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy?

Female counselor observes older couple talking to each other face to face on white couch

Are you interested in helping individuals make changes in their lives by pursuing a career in counseling? If so, then the Master of Science in Professional Counseling with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy program could offer you the ideal educational foundation to achieve your professional goals. Offered through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, this professional counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy degree program offers students comprehensive training that can prepare them for licensure in Arizona and national certification.

What is your professional focus?

This program’s curriculum utilizes a systems theory approach to assess family dynamics and help families come together, address issues and understand each other’s actions. Some of the topics covered include marriage and family therapy, social and cultural foundations, professional counseling models and practice, professional growth and development in counseling, ethics and research. This program’s supervised fieldwork experience and didactic coursework can ready you to work as a counseling professional by helping you develop skills in areas such as family, parenting, premarital and divorce counseling.

What duties would you like to perform?

Professional counselors who are trained to work with couples and families offer counseling regarding possible psychological issues and how they relate to their relationships. These professional counselors also lead education and group sessions; develop and implement treatment plans; manage caseload and documentation; and assess, diagnose and counsel individuals, couples and families.

What are your career goals?

GCU’s professional counseling degree with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy degree does not lead to marriage and family licensure, but graduates of this program are prepared to apply for state licensure upon passing state-mandated testing. After earning this degree, you will be prepared to pursue a career as a counselor, mental health counselor or behavioral health counselor.

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