What Can You Do With a Sociology Degree?

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The study of how societies develop and how people interact with each other forms the basis of sociology. If you are interested in learning about social topics such as religion, social class structure, crime, human behavior and globalization, consider enrolling in a bachelor’s degree in sociology program.

You may wonder what jobs a sociology graduate can pursue. Sociology is a broad field with a wide range of sociology jobs and other career opportunities. Sociology degree graduates can enter careers in an increasingly globalized world and feel comfortable contributing to problem-solving efforts and innovative solutions. Here are five career fields that sociology graduates can consider: 

1. Business

A sociology degree graduate may pursue a career in the private sector because of their understanding of people and society. They may work well in fields like public relations and marketing. A sociology degree graduate who understands the need for diverse communication can go into consumer research and excel in a human resources role.

2. Community Services

Sociology degree majors are often attracted to organizations that make a difference in communities. They may go on to work with nonprofit agencies or environmental groups. Advocacy work is also common for sociology degree majors. In addition, sociology graduates may go on to study urban planning and community development careers.

3. Higher Education

A sociology degree graduate who is interested in education may find work at a university. Both admissions and alumni relations are great areas for a sociology degree student. In addition, universities may hire people who work on development and grant writing. With additional education and training, sociology graduates can also work as post-secondary educators.

4. Law

The study of crime and the populations that are impacted is a major area of sociology. Some graduates may use their interest in this field may pursue a career in law enforcement. This may mean pursuing a career as a police officer or probation or parole officer. Graduates may also work in criminal justice centers or use their bachelor's degree as a jumping-off point to go to law school and become an attorney.

5. Social Services

Many sociology degree graduates go into social services. Their interest in society and people may lead them to careers allow them to interact with their local community. Sociology degree grads may find work as case managers or social workers. Additionally, they may go to work for local, state and federal agencies that focus on youth or elderly services.

Grand Canyon University’s sociology degree programs introduce students to the field of sociology and build important skills such as critical thinking and collaboration. All of these skills together can form the basis for a strong professional skillset. If you are interested in earning your Bachelor of Science in Sociology degree at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, visit our website or click on the Request Info button on this page.

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