What Can I Do with a Degree in Human Factors Psychology?

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Grand Canyon University offers a number of credible graduate programs for students who are looking to advance their careers and education. If you are pursuing, or thinking about pursuing, a degree in human factors psychology, there are several up-and-coming jobs for you to consider. With a Master of Science in Human Factors Psychology, you can achieve your career goals and begin your journey as a psychology professional!

Career Options

This growing field has employment opportunities for those with credentials. The variety of settings ranges from government and armed forces to technological corporations and even universities. Your career in human factors psychology can pertain to education, technological design and production, industrial psychology and engineering – the list of career possibilities is almost endless! Make sure to search through all your options and figure out which career is best suited to your passions and goals.

  • Government: A career in government with a human factors psychology background can be a great way to achieve your career goals. Human factors psychologists provide insight into human involvement with technology, which is heavily relied on in many government programs.
  • Education: A human factors psychology degree can also be useful for educators, as it allows you to expand your knowledge in the science behind students, their behavior and their learning strategies and techniques. This program can help further your career as a teacher and help you become a leader in a school setting!
  • Technology: Human factors psychology is greatly impacted by technological advancements because of its effect on human needs and development. There are many available careers for those who are passionate about designing technology, especially in the field of hardware and software.
  • Research: Science requires researchers. Human factors psychology and engineering can be a great focus area of research and is needed in many different companies as an area of expertise!

Love What You Do

When deciding what to do with your career in human factors psychology, make sure that you enjoy your line of work. Passion is an important aspect of not only performing well but also creating a life that you are proud of and fulfilling your purpose! If the career you desire requires a doctorate degree, consider continuing your education with a Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology to take your career opportunities to the next level. By choosing GCU, you have access to tools and resources to find the career you have been searching for.

Grand Canyon University strives to provide opportunities for success to all its students. To learn more about GCU’s psychology programs, visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or click the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

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