Beautiful Adventure: A Journey to Philippines, Conclusion

Lopes water bottle shows Philippines landscape in background

A Grand Canyon University student traveled to the Philippines on a global outreach trip in March 2015. Follow her mission trip this week to see how her team, the Filipino people and the Lord would captured her heart.

We may not have found this spot until one of our last days here, but it has quickly become a favorite view.

After climbing four flights of stairs, we get a perfect panoramic view of the Philippines. To our left is a neighborhood slum and the beautiful housing we have had as our safe haven for the week and right in front of us is the Manila skyline.

As the sun sets behind the buildings, it hits me that the Philippines have wealth and extreme poverty side by side. But I am also encouraged that the place we are standing in is exactly where God wants us all to be: in the middle of it all as a safe haven to bridge the gap between those who are in despair and those who are in excess. As Christ’s followers, we are given the perspective that is far-reaching and eternal.

May trips like this be eye-opening and breathe life into a deeper community, mission, and adventure.

Until next time, PI. Thank you for the magandang pakikipagsapalaran (beautiful adventure). We will not soon forget all that God revealed to us through your sights, your experiences and your people.

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