Summer Chapel: The Power of Faith and Prayer

Posted on July 13, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Mark 9:14-29

GCU Worship Arts Coordinator John Frederick discusses Chapter 9 in the book of Mark. Through this story of Jesus helping a boy cast spirits out of his body which caused him to be mute, we are made aware the power of faith and the many uses of the word “spirit” during biblical times.

“If you just have faith, your prayers will come true according to what you desire,” Frederick says. “If you just believe you can move the mountain. Your faith is the ‘alakazam’ or ‘hocus pocus.’ I had the faith and now the thing I want is about to happen.”

But there’s a problem. Frederick notes that many times we pray and hope for things (non-materialistic) that don’t come true or aren’t answered. How do we reconcile this in our lives when many people have a general belief in faith throughout our individual lives and in society?

“Jesus is not pointing to the mere fact the (father of the boy) has faith,” Frederick says. “Jesus is pointing to the power of faith which lies in the person that faith points to.”

Listen to John’s full message in the video:

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